Just Getting Older

Cover: Oasis - The Hindu TimesLyrics

It’s nine o’clock, I’m getting tired
I’m sick of all my records
And the clothes I bought today
Am I cracking up, or just getting older?

I’m staying in, I can’t be bothered
Making conversation
With the friends that I don’t know
Am I cracking up, or just getting older?

And I bet that this is how life
Turns out when you’re finally grown
And you know if this my life
I’ll sit around all day and I’ll moan

I’m halfway up to the bottom
Of another bottle
Of my next best favourite friend
Am I cracking up
Or just getting older?
You’re not cracking up
You’re just getting older
We’re not cracking up
We’re just getting older

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Cover: Oasis - The Hindu Times

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